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Remember that one time when some greedy corporate scalpers did some regulatory capture and tried to ban Net Neutrality so they could double-tap charge you for anything they damn well felt like it?

The mainstream media might be silent about it, but the public outcry has been enough to get the US senate to take a vote. While it's sad that basic rights are being voted, that's what's happening . It's up to the people to put pressure on senators on both sides of the x-party system.

Telecommunications companies like Comcast and AT&T had viciously fought against the rules; claiming among other things, that the Net Neutrality rules prevented them from developing innovative new business models. Laughable, since they took government grants meant for developing internet infrastructure and instead (probably) blew it on thai midget porn and meth.

And of course, they have even attempted to throttle traffic; getting burned hard because of net neutrality protections afforded to customers. Between their litiginous nature against competitors and their eagerness to bilk customers out of their money, many 'industry groups' that make these 'majority' ISPs have no qualms about further degenerating internet service for even more cash.

The end of net neutrality means that ISPs can even declare newgrounds.com to be 'problematic content' and throttle bandwidth - effectively allowing themselves to police what you can and cannot see with full legal backing. They've tried this sort of dirty trick before; but without the customer protections afforded by net neutrality, this effectively legalized 'highway robbery' from ISPs who have a vested interest in keeping a few, somewhat maintained 'fast lanes' and no 'slow lanes'.

Remember compuserve? There's a reason it didn't survive and you don't remember - and a reason why you don't pay 2.5$~5$ per hour to use the internet anymore. And an internet under the control of ISPs who want to charge cutthroat fees for abmyssal service is just gonna be just like that.

Or even worse.

The senate vote deadline on this matter is on the 12th of June.

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