222 fans? Then, have two sex kitten games!

2014-02-08 02:50:15 by YomToxic

You heard me right, pal!

Here, have the results of our first official  'Direct a Sex Kitten Game' contest!

Not one, but TWO sex kitten games directed by the up-and-coming dev team on forkheads!

Winner, Sex Kitten HELL!!!11 Boasting a newly rehauled battle system (with useable guns!) and a new inventory system built from scratch. This project was directed by our very own OJJ, chainsaw master and bizarre time-warper extraordinaire!

Runner-up, Sex Kitten TV Dinner! Aiming to appeal to the simpler times of this series' begining, this short game packs the first live-fire test of a parallel inventory system! This project was directed by Stup, the craziest writer in the land!.

A special thank-you for the rest of the dev-team who helped with the development of these games! Keep those ideas, scribbles, doodles and crazy plans comin'! There's always room for more crazy over here!

Another round of applause to the 222 fans who made this possible! Where would I be without your vote5s and stuff? Thank you for making this happen!

...So does this mean the day I get 444 fans, I have to slip out of a 4th floor, die, get run over by a hearse, and then an ambulance and release 4 new sex kitten games? Ohshi- (You win 5000 points if you get this joke)


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2014-02-09 06:02:18

You gained 4 more fans while I played those 2 games (well over an hour), so you must be doing something right! Maybe if you had the name of the person speaking colored, the rest of the text would be faster to read, or less lopsided looking? IDK, but it's hard to improve such a classic formula!

YomToxic responds:

Noted. I'll do that next time. Thanks for the heads-up!


2014-02-09 07:23:29

annndddddd..... no fap Febuary is a fail

YomToxic responds:

Just as keikaku....

(Translator's note: Keikaku means plan in Japanese)


2014-02-09 09:37:05

@smithaxe1 lol sissy

YomToxic responds:

But in Glorious Motherland, EVERY DAY IS NO PANTS THURSDAY!


2014-02-09 13:20:50

And I'm just stuck on my account with 1 fan.

YomToxic responds:

I double-down your fan count and double it!