Pixel day, huh?

2017-01-21 10:40:39 by YomToxic

3 years before I made an account on newgrounds, I was quite active in a small, out of the way forum that wanted to be the very best in RPG making like no one ever was. I'd use a similarly obscure program to create custom resources for RPG Maker 2000/2003. It is now 13 years since... and I'll just throw this thing I did way back then.


Hm, maybe I should take up pixel art again. Damn, I feel young again.

Cheers to @ChazDude for reminding me!


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2017-01-21 23:42:58

Happy Pixel Day! Fan of your work. Not many people know but I'm a fan of the Sex Kitten games, mostly for the humor, though I like hentai. -thumbs up-

I used to use RPGMaker a lot when i was 16, i tried making an RPG i still wish i could make, i have like photos and videos on my old photobucket account somewhere. I wish i could still make that a thing.


2017-02-05 14:53:32

Hey, these are really nice!


2017-03-12 15:08:24

Woah, excellent work.